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Route 24 Gun & Pawn
Route 24 Gun & Pawn
Route 24 Gun & Pawn
Route 24 Gun & Pawn
Route 24 Gun & Pawn

Firearm, Webinars & Giveaways

Route 24 Gun & Pawn is your guide to information and reviews of the latest and most popular firearms. With our informative and insightful webinars, you can learn more about firearms and get better at using them.

Informative Webinars

Our team of experts and veterans will review a product or compare them with two different firearms. The reviews will be honest opinions on the pros and cons of firearms to give you the best understanding and help you choose a firearm that suits you the most.

  • Firearm reviews
  • Safety tips
  • Shooting techniques
  • Competitions
  • How-to videos (must be 21 years of age to view & only one per person)

Check our webinars.

Free Firearms

We will give away a free product after every webinar. Each participant will have a chance to get a free gun shipped to their address. By signing up for the webinar, every participant will enter into a randomly drawn lot. Base on a random pick, we will choose the winner.

Safety First

At Route 24 Gun & Pawn, we want to show you the proper and safe way to use firearms. As a veteran, Brandan Mathus has over 25 years of experience in handling firearms. Brandan brings knowledge and expertise to each webinar.

Family-owned Business

We are a family-owned business, striving to treat each customer as a unique individual, and meet their needs. We have the experience and expertise to provide reliable information and analysis of firearms.

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